Jack & Blake - Spring Mini Sessions - Suffield, OH

Ask a photographer what their specialty is, and then ask them why they chose that specialty. If you asked me, I'd answer that part of the reason I love child photography and include it among my specialties is I LOVE the relationships I form with little kids like Jack & Blake.

I first met Jack at his 2-year birthday photo shoot. He's a serious little boy, but he's oh so funny! He made me work for his smiles when he was two (and again for Blake's newborn pictures), but the payoff is so worth it! I'm also not a believer in the thinking that kids have to be cheesing in every photo - they don't walk around smiling every second of the day at home, so I don't expect them to do it for a 30-minute session, either. While of course I (and mom Kara) love big smiles, these boys are so beautiful that just their expressions captured are some of the most perfect memories of all.